Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thoughts on Bulletstorm Demo

The campaign behind Bulletstorm has been emphasizing two things: it's fantastic, over-the-top, completely indulgent style and the fact that the idea of the game is to "Kill with Skill" by executing enemies under a variety of criteria for extra points. While I am still skeptical that the scoring mechanic will make for a great game, the game itself is plenty fun.

Bulletstorm takes me back to a time in my youth, when shooting games were fun simply because they were games about shooting. People Can Fly has produced a game that reinvigorates the simple idea of shooting bad guys with awesome weapons. Kicking, sliding, whipping and pulling all allow for great variety when it comes to mangling baddies. Enemies came charging at me in a great variety of spookies, with a few gunners, some crazed hatchet men, and some sort of triple-barrel-shotgun-wielding tribal chieftain, (complete with hideous mask) so hopefully the full version of the game keeps up with this pace of variety.

I am looking forward to the game, but I'm not sure if I'm going to sink $60 on it... the gameplay itself seems to be quite fun, but I am skeptical of the consistency of the scoring system.

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